Sometimes, Gmail hides the bottom part of your email. In Gmail, at the bottom of an email, you'll see a message that says [Message clipped] View entire message.

Why does Gmail clip emails?

Gmail clips emails that have a total message size larger than 102 KB. The message size is the code that makes up the email, such as text, images, URLs, and the HTML used to design the content.

Why is it important that the full message is shown?

Sometimes, if the message is clipped, the tracking code used to track your email opens is also clipped. This means Jilt wouldn't be able to track whether that email is being opened.

To make sure Jilt can track everything properly, we suggest making your content smaller than 102 KB. To test whether the entire email is shown in Gmail, you can send a test email to a Gmail account.

What can you do about it?

There are two main reasons why Gmail clips your content.

1. Your content comes from a website or word-processing platform

When you copy and paste content from an outside platform (for instance, your blog or Microsoft Word), hidden formatting code can sometimes be added to your email. This adds up in your email total size. 

The great news is that the Jilt email editor automatically removes any additional code. 🎉 So you don't have to worry about this!

2. There is too much content

It's possible that your email has too much content. Try removing anything that's unnecessary. Before you do so, we suggest duplicating the broadcast or automation - that way, you won't lose any of your original content :) 

One thing to keep in mind is that reducing the size of a large image won't reduce the size of the message, unfortunately. Deleting the image itself will reduce the total message size.

How do I test to see if the email will be clipped?

The easiest way is to send a test email to a Gmail address. 

If you don't have access to a Gmail address, you can send the email to any test address. Then, you can view the email source code, and save it in a document. The size of that document will tell you the message size. If it's above 102 KB, Gmail will clip the message.

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