Whether you're encountering a connection error or see an error that prevents you from saving your Storefront settings in the Jilt app, you're in the right place!

We'll go over some initial troubleshooting steps to take when you encounter these errors.

Our app makes requests to the WooCommerce REST API which needs to be accessible. You may experience connection issues if your site is blocking these requests. Jilt must be able to both send and receive information.

What could cause connection issues?

  1. Maintenance mode plugins
    We recommend disabling maintenance mode or coming soon plugins.

  2. Basic Authentication (Basic Auth)
    We recommend disabling basic authentication to connect with Jilt.

    What is Basic Auth?
    Basic authentication is used to password-protect the front-end of your site. It's commonly used to prevent the public from viewing your site while it's in development by using a pop-up modal which requires a username and password to view the site.

  3. Security Plugins
    If you're experiencing connection issues, we'd also recommend temporarily deactivating any security or two-factor authentication (2FA) plugins, and moving on to the next steps to test if your security plugin may be blocking the request.

  4. Permalinks
    You must enable pretty permalinks in WordPress. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings > Permalinks. Under Common Settings, check to ensure that a pretty permalink structure (anything other than Plain) is selected. Click Save Changes.

  5. Deploying from a staging site
    When deploying from a staging site to your live site, your site may lose connection to Jilt if the staging site data overrides the connection credentials on the live site. If this happens, always clear connection data and reconnect following the steps below with each deploy.

  6. Plugins that minify JavaScript assets
    Certain plugins that minify JavaScript files may remove data required for a full connection.

Ready? Good, let's move on.

How to clear connection data and reconnect to Jilt

Now, it's time to clear the connection data and reconnect with Jilt. Here's how:

  1. Via your WordPress admin, go to WooCommerce >Status > Tools

  2. Scroll down the screen to where it says "Clear Jilt connection data" and click the Clear button

  3. Go to Jilt > Settings and re-connect Jilt

If you're still encountering issues after following these steps, please get in touch with support.

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