Cart Contents can be added to your cart automations, such as cart recovery automations. Cart Contents list the items that your contact left in their cart.

To start, edit one of your cart automation emails.


To add Cart Contents to your emails, you'll use "rows". Our emails are divided into rows and you can drag and drop content into each row.

Prebuilt rows

To make it easier for you, we've created some prebuilt rows.

Under the "Rows" tab, find "Cart contents" in the dropdown. This will show you all the prebuilt rows. We created rows such as "Order totals" or "Line items - table layout with product images" for you.

To use a prebuilt row, select it, and then drag and drop it where you want in your email.

Cart contents prebuilt rows include:

  • Line items - grid layout, one column (all the line items in the cart will be displayed one by one, in one column)

  • Line items - grid layout, two columns

  • Line items - table layout (all the line items will be displayed in rows under table headers)

  • Line items - table layout with product images

  • Order totals (the order's subtotal, tax, fees, shipping, refund, and total)

  • Line items - grid layout with review button ("Leave a review" button added under the product instead of the product price)

  • Line items - table layout with review button ("Leave a review" button added for each product row)

To preview what your email looks like with a row, go to "Actions" > "Preview".

Custom rows

Use a custom row to show Cart Contents if you want to customize the layout of your row, or if you want to choose which elements to show. To create a Cart Contents custom row, click on "Build custom row" at the bottom of the rows dropdown.

Then, choose "Cart Contents" from the options. Your options are the following:

Grid versus table

A grid will display the cart items from left to right, adding new rows at the bottom, if all items do not fit in one row. You can choose how many columns a single row displays.

A table will add one cart item per row. You can choose whether to show the line item price or ask the recipient to leave a review.

Showing / hiding line items' details

You can choose whether to show the following:

  • Item prices

  • Item images

  • Cart total - this adds the cart total after each cart item has been displayed

  • Link to URL - this means that the images and/or product titles are linked to the corresponding product URL


Why can't I add Cart Contents to all my automations and broadcasts?

Cart Contents options are available in the email editor if your email is based on a cart. Examples include cart recovery automations or post-purchase follow-up automations. A "welcome new subscribers" email, for instance, isn't related to the cart, and so the Cart Contents options won't show in the email editor.

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