Order Details can be added to your order automations, such as Product review, Purchase Follow-up, or Reward VIP Customers automations. To start, edit one of the emails of an order automation.


To add Order Details to your emails, you'll use "rows". Our editor divides emails into rows. You can drag and drop content into each row.

Prebuilt rows

To make it easier for you, we've created some prebuilt rows.

Under the "Rows" tab, find "Order details" in the dropdown. This will populate prebuilt rows. We created rows such as "Order status" or "Payment details - Address and Total" for you.

To use a prebuilt row, select it, then drag and drop it where you want in your email.

Order details prebuilt rows include:

  • Order status - two columns (shows the order status and order date)

  • Order totals (shows the order subtotal, tax, fees, shipping, refund and total)

  • Payment details - Address and Total

  • Payment details - Address, Total, Payment method

  • Shipping details - with icon (shows the shipping method with the shipping icon)

  • Shipping details - without icon

To preview what the row looks like in your email, go to "Actions" > "Preview".


Why can't I add Order Details to all of my automations and broadcasts?

Order details options are available in the email editor if your automation is meant to discuss an order that is pending or has been placed. Examples include post-purchase automations, welcoming a first-time customer, asking for a product review, or reminding customers to replenish their products.

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