We've written about the benefits of including discounts in recovery emails, as well as when to include discounts in recovery emails. With Jilt, you can use regular discounts ("Holidays2020") or we can automatically create unique discount codes for each of your recipients, and sync the discount to your store, making it easier than ever to include discounts in your emails.

To read more about the two types of discount codes we support, head here.

Adding discounts to emails

Option 1: Regular discount codes

To add a regular discount code to your broadcasts or automations, you can either use one of our prebuilt discount rows or create a custom row.

To use a prebuilt row, select "Rows", then select "Discounts" in the rows dropdown. You can drag and drop a prebuilt discount row where you want in the email. Then, edit the "ENTER_CODE" and "ENTER-DATE" options.

Note: the discount code must already exist in your store platform before you send the email out. Jilt does not generate discounts unless you are using a "unique" discount (discussed below).

To create a custom row, go to "Rows", then scroll down to "Build custom row" in the rows dropdown. Then select "Discount Row". In the editor, enter the discount code and the discount's expiry date. Then click "create discount row". The row will appear in your email editor, and you can drag and drop it wherever you want.

Option 2: Unique discount codes

Unique discount codes will generate a unique one-time-use code for each email recipient. Unique discount codes are only available for your automation and transactional emails.

To add the discount code to your automation:

  1. From the email editor, select "Build custom row" from the rows dropdown

  2. Choose Discount Row

If you already created a unique discount code (under "Discounts") in the Jilt admin, you can select it from the dropdown when you have the "use existing discount code" option selected.

Otherwise, click on "Create a new unique discount."

To create a new unique discount code, fill out these options:

  • Name: this is the internal name for your discount. Contacts won't see this.

  • Type: % discount, fixed amount, of free shipping*

  • Amount: if you chose % or fixed discounts, enter the amount of the discount

  • Valid for: the number of days the discount will be valid after the recipient has received your email

  • Minimum order price: only allow the discount to be used on orders at or above this price

* Free shipping is not available for Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) stores.

Once you've entered the details, you can "save and create discount row". The discount row will appear on the right of your email editor. Simply drag and drop it wherever you want in your email.

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