You can showcase your great products in your emails by using a prebuilt row or creating a custom row from scratch.

Prebuilt rows

To select a prebuilt row, head to the "Rows" tab in your email editor. In the dropdown, click on "Products". Available prebuilt rows will populate below. You can choose from:

  • Newest items

  • Bestsellers

  • Recommended products* (only for cart- and order-based automations)

For each type of product, Jilt created 5 prebuilt layouts:

  1. Three columns, with images

  2. Three columns, without images

  3. Four columns, with images

  4. A table, with the product image on the left

  5. A table, with the product image on the right

When you've selected which row you want to use, drag and drop it wherever you want in your email. You can then edit it as you please by selecting the various components of the row and using the right-side panel.

Custom rows

If you want to customize the content of the row, such as selecting which exact product(s) to show, you can create a custom product row.

In the row dropdown, scroll all the way to "Build custom row". Then select "Product". Then, configure the following options:

  • Which product type to show: bestsellers, newest, recommended*, or products you choose yourself

  • The number of products to show

  • The number of columns to show your products on

  • Whether to show the product image, name, price, and "shop now" button

When you're happy with the preview you see on the right, click on "create product row". The row will appear in your email editor and you can drag and drop it wherever you'd like.

* recommended products are only available for order- and cart-based automations

Differences between broadcasts and automations

Not everything is available for both broadcasts and automations. For instance, recommended products are only available for automations that are cart- or order-based, such as cart recovery or post-purchase follow up campaigns. That's because we recommend products based on an order.

Similarly, we don't show a "Leave a review" button for broadcasts, because that's best suited for post-purchase automations, which automatically ask users for their feedback right after they've purchased.

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