Whether you're using one of Jilt's email templates or simply dragging a prebuilt row in your email, you'll come across some strange-looking text, such as {{ line_item.title }} or {{ customer.first_name }}. This is called Liquid.

What is Liquid?

Liquid is a template language (code, essentially) that dynamically populates the content of your email based on the recipient. It was developed by the CEO of Shopify.

How does it work?

For instance, let's say you're sending a cart recovery email to two people, John and Jane. In their carts, John has a sweater, and Jane has a dress and two t-shirts.

You could send two separate emails, one to each. Or you could be very vague and say "hey, your cart is waiting for you!". But that wouldn't be very effective. Personalization is key to good email marketing.

This is where Liquid comes in. You can write a single email that dynamically changes based on your contacts.

In your email, you could show the cart items, by adding a Cart Content row, that has the following liquid:

A picture with {{ line_item.image }} as the dynamic URL
{{ line_item.title }}
{{ line_item.quantity }} x {{ line_item.price | money }}

This Liquid tells Jilt that you want to show the image of the line item, its title, the quantity held in the cart, and the item price.

Now, this where it gets even cooler. The Cart Content row itself has some liquid attached to it, that simply tells us to look at all of the line items in the order. So in this case, for each email recipient, we'll pull his or her items.

For instance, John would receive an image with an image of the sweater he wanted, its name "Summer Sweater", and the details: 1 x $50.00.

Hyper-personalized, right? 🎉

Will my contacts ever see the code?

No, your contacts will never see the Liquid code. If we can't find what you're trying to show, we'll leave it blank.

How can I modify Liquid?

You can change our default Liquid and add more anytime you want. We have a few more details in this article, and you can find our comprehensive guide here. Our support team is happy to help you out.

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