You want to reward frequent purchasers, and you're excited to give something back. But you know that if you share a discount such as "SUMMER2020", it might find itself on the internet and used by many more people than you intended.

The solution? Unique discounts. A unique discount is a unique discount code generated for each of your email recipients. The code can only be used once.

To create a unique discount in Jilt, you have two options.

Creating a unique discount in the Discounts area

  1. Head over to the Discounts page in the Jilt navigation.

  2. On the discounts page, click on "+ New discount" on the top right corner.

You'll be prompted to enter a few items:

  • Name: this is the internal name for your discount. Contacts won't see this.

  • Type: % discount, fixed amount, of free shipping*

  • Amount: if you chose % or fixed discounts, enter the amount of the discount

  • Valid for: the number of days the discount will be valid after the recipient has received your email

  • Minimum order price: only allow the discount to be used on orders at or above this price

* Free shipping is not available for Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) stores.

Once you've created the discount, it will be available to choose from in the existing unique discounts dropdown for your automations. To add that code to your email:

  1. From the email editor, select "Build custom row" from the rows dropdown

  2. Choose Discount Row

  3. Select Use a saved discount

  4. For Discount type Select Unique discount code

  5. Select your newly created discount code from the list of discounts

  6. Click Create discount row

Great job! Your unique discount code block will now be available to drag over to your email content area.

Creating a unique discount in the email editor

Let's say you're editing a Cart Recovery automation, and you want to add a unique discount to your email, but you don't really want to go back to the discounts page. No problem! You can create a unique discount directly from your automation email editor.

To do so:

  1. From the email editor, select "Build custom row" from the rows dropdown

  2. Choose Discount Row

  3. Choose "Create a new unique discount"

  4. Enter all of the request properties for your unique discount.

  5. Click "Save and create discount row"

When you save your discount row, it will be available for you to drag and drop it in your email. It will also create a unique discount in Jilt, which you can later see on your discounts page and use in other automation emails.


What will my recipient receive?

Your email recipient will receive a unique discount code made of numbers and letters, such as "abc-123-DEF". The code can only be used once.

Can I see the codes I sent?

Yes, we'll sync the unique discount codes to your store platform when the email is sent. You can view them in the discounts/coupon codes section of your eCommerce platform.

Note: unique discount codes are not generated for test emails. To test a discount code, run the steps to trigger the email as if you were a customer on your shop.

Why can't I create a unique discount code for broadcasts?

Jilt doesn't support unique discount codes for broadcasts yet. If this is a feature that's important to you, let us know!

What happens to expired and unused coupons that are synced to WooCommerce?

Expired and unused coupons are automatically deleted twice daily from WooCommerce.

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