In the new Jilt email editor, you can format your content pretty much any way you want.

For instance, to stack an image over text, go to "Rows". Then, in the dropdown, find "Content". Several prebuilt content rows will populate beneath.

Choose the layout you want to use. Then, drag and drop it wherever you want in your email.

Can I do this with a video or an icon?

You can absolutely create the same "stacked" or column-based layout with any block content.

To do so, head over to "Rows". Then select "Empty" from the dropdown. Choose the row configuration that you want. You'll be able to put any block of content you want in the empty squares.

Then, drag and drop the empty row wherever you want in your email. Next, head to "Content". Pick the content you want and drop inside the empty space that your row created.

You can drag and drop other content blocks above or below the content blocks you add to create the "stacked" effect.

Need help with formatting text and images in the old editor? Check out this guide.

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