Placeholder images are just what their name indicates: placeholders. They're here to help you craft your email, and your email recipients should never see them.

There are two types of images in Jilt: dynamic and static images.

Dynamic images

For dynamic images, a placeholder image is there to indicate that another image will dynamically replace it when the email is sent.

For this to happen, the dynamic URL for the dynamic image has to be set.

For instance, for a cart recovery email, we often show Cart Content. The image for a line item will have a dynamic URL of {{ line_item.image }}. If this section was empty and the image was dynamic, then your recipient would see a placeholder image. But this should never happen, unless you manually remove the URL.

If you aren't sure what URL should be there, check out our liquid documentation, or reach out to us.

Static images

Placeholders for regular images are there to let you access your library. You can click on "browse" within the placeholder, or if you select the image, you can click on "change image" in the menu that appears on the right.

Don't worry, if you somehow forget to put an image there, we won't show anything and will leave this part blank.

How do I verify what my contacts will see?

To check on what your email recipients will see, you have two options:

Note that static images will be the same for everyone, while dynamic images will change according to their URL, which might make them different for each recipient.

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