When you schedule a broadcast, we use your browser's time zone. This may be different from your Jilt account's time zone settings.

What happens if my browser's time zone setting is wrong?

  1. We recommend to start by checking the date and time settings on your computer to ensure that your browser is pulling the correct date and time.

  2. You can schedule a broadcast by converting the time in your preferred time zone to the time shown in your broadcast. For example, if I want to send an email at noon Pacific (PDT) time, then I should schedule that broadcast for 1 PM Mountain (MDT) time.

Using an online time zone converter

You can use an online time zone converter like this one, or contact our support team for help.

What if I still want to change this value?

You can try a browser extension or add-on that changes your browser's time zone.

Keep in mind that any browser extension would not modify your Jilt account's time zone settings, so any Carts, Orders, and Outbox details would display based on your account settings.

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