Since mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, continue to be popular email reading tools it's important that your emails look great on both mobile and desktop.

Do I need to do anything to make an email mobile ready?

No. By default, Jilt's email editor employs a responsive design. When a multi-column layout is sent to a mobile device, the columns will be stacked one on top of the other. This way the recipient doesn't need to zoom into the content to read it and they can easily scroll down the email with their finger.

What if I don't want the columns to stack vertically?

I'm glad you asked! While the default stacking is normally helpful, there might be cases in which you'd prefer to maintain the desktop layout.

For instance, you may have a menu row with text links to four areas of your store: shop online, locations, blog, and login.

You can use the "Do not stack on mobile" option to prevent moving the menu row vertically.

What if I want the columns to stack, but in the reverse order?

For instance, if you have a picture on the left and text on the right, the default mobile stacking order is top: picture, bottom: text. In some cases, you want top: text and bottom: picture.

To do so, select the row and toggle "reverse stack order on mobile". This will reverse the default stacking order.

Can I change the mobile layout of a row element?

Yes. In some cases you might want an element, like a text block or button, to be left-justified on desktop and centered on mobile, to improve the visual layout. Or you may wish to hide certain content on mobile devices, so that the appropriate content is shared in the right context.

With Jilt you can choose to hide elements, either on desktop or mobile, to achieve the desired result.

Should I do this for all of the elements in my email?

No, we recommend a careful use of these display settings. Jilt's default, vertical layout on mobile makes sense in most cases.

That said, these editing tools offer additional flexibility when your design calls for a unique mobile layout. Have fun getting creative and let us know if we can help!

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