The Automation Performance Reports show attributable revenue and attributable orders. This is slightly different than recovered revenue and recovered orders listed on the Cart Abandonment page in your dashboard. If you notice a discrepancy when comparing the two reports, don't worry! We'll walk through why these may be different below.

What is attributable revenue and attributable orders?

Attributable revenue/orders include two types of revenue/orders:

  1. Recovered revenue/orders

  2. Attributed placed revenue/orders

A recovered order is the exact recovered cart from your cart recovery automation, which you can filter on your Orders page in Jilt.

An attributed placed order is an order marked as "placed", however, it has attributed revenue because the customer either clicked or opened any past emails from your shop within a 5 day window.

For example, you may only see two orders appear when you filter for "recovered" orders by filtering state = recovered in your Orders page. This filter will display recovered orders only.

Filter on Orders page by

But, your automation performance report shows five attributable orders.

The other three customers did not appear on the Orders page if you filter by "state" is "recovered" because while they ended up placing an order because of the emails you sent, they didn't recover their original abandoned cart.

We don't currently have a filter in the app that allows you to search attributed placed orders vs. regular placed orders, though we'd be happy to provide additional details on the attributed placed orders that make up your attributable revenue upon request.

Please get in touch with our support team if you'd be interested in this data!

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