Broadcast reports show you how your contacts engaged with the broadcast you sent them. For instance, you can see who opened or clicked a particular broadcast. You can also use broadcast reports to retarget your contacts based on their engagement.

Accessing a broadcast report

To view a broadcast report, click on the name of a broadcast that was sent. You can also click on the gear icon for a sent broadcast and choose "View report".

Performance overview

The first page of a broadcast report gives you an overview of its performance. You can see:

  • How many contacts your broadcast was sent to

  • How much money you made with this broadcast

  • The broadcast CTOR (click-to-open rate)

  • The percentage of engagement for each behavior, such as opened, clicked, converted, and unsubscribed.

ℹ️ Your delivery rate may not be 100%. If that's the case, it means that one or more of your contacts' emails bounced.

Contact engagement

To view who opened, clicked, or unsubscribed, navigate through the following tabs:


This is the list of your intended recipients. All contacts you intended to send this broadcast to are listed here.


Lists all contacts who have opened your broadcast email at least once. This list will be updated as contacts open the email. Refresh the page to see new updates!


This list includes all contacts who have never opened your email.


Lists contacts that clicked in your email at least once, on any link.


This list includes the contacts that unsubscribed, using the unsubscribe link in this particular broadcast.


These are contacts to whom we weren't able to deliver the broadcast. A bounced email happens for several reasons, such as a malformed email address or if the recipient's inbox is full.

Actions you can take in each tab

In each tab, you have access to our contact management tools.

To send an email to a set of contacts, such as everyone who hasn't opened the broadcast yet, head over here for a quick walkthrough.

Broadcast details

At the top of the broadcast report, there is a section that shows you your sent broadcast's details.

Open the section by clicking on the arrow to the right. You can see the broadcast segmentation rules (the rules you used to filter your audience), as well as your broadcast settings, like:

  • From name and From address

  • Subject line

  • Preview text (if you configured this)

You can also view the email layout by clicking on "View email".

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