You've sent a broadcast and you'd like to follow-up with every contact that clicked on your email. Or maybe you want to resend the same broadcast to those who didn't open it the first time. This is all possible with broadcast reports!

Accessing your broadcast reports

First, head over to your broadcasts. Click on the name of the broadcast that interests you for retargeting. You can also click on the cog icon and select "View report".

ℹ️ If you are on our free plan, you can't access broadcast reports for broadcasts older than 30 days.

Step 1: Select your audience

View the list that you intend on using: maybe all contacts that clicked on the broadcast, or all contacts that didn't open it.

Select the contacts you intend on retargeting. To select the entire list, click on the checkbox at the top left of the list, then over on the top right and click on "Select all NNN contacts".

You can use filters to narrow down your selection as you please.

Step 2: Tag your audience

Once you've selected the contacts you want to retarget, click on Actions above the contact list. Then, click on "Edit tags" or "Assign lists". It doesn't matter which one you choose. The tag or list will be used to segment your new broadcast.

Make sure you choose a unique tag or list name, such as "{Broadcast name} - {sent date} - opened" or "{Sent date} - clicked".

Save the tag or the list.

Step 3: Send a new or existing broadcast

Now that you have identified the set of contacts you want to retarget through a tag or a list, it's time to send them an email.

Return to the broadcasts page. To send a brand new email, click on "New broadcast" and segment your audience with the tag or list you created in Step 2.

To resend the same email, duplicate the broadcast you had sent, and segment your audience with the tag or list you created in Step 2. You can change the subject line or any other items as you wish.

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