The Jilt email editor includes powerful pre-built rows for displaying your top products or newest products (found under Rows > Products). These rows will display products automatically based on the best sellers or newest products on your shop.

If you want to be in full control of which products are displayed in a product block, you can do so by building a custom row. To do so:

  1. Go to Rows and select Build custom row from the drop-down menu.

  2. Select Product Row in the pop-up window.

  3. Pick Let me choose from the Show these products drop-down menu.

  4. Enter the product names that you'd like to show.

  5. Update the other settings to tweak the appearance of the product rows.

  6. Click Create product row.

  7. Drag the row into the email. You can modify the row further in the email if you'd like.

  8. Click Actions > Preview to view the product(s) you've selected for the row.

Note: You can also use a custom row to tweak the appearance of a product row for best sellers or newest items.

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