Jilt enables you to send order receipts, with which you can notify your customers automatically throughout their purchase journey.

Depending on the eCommerce platform you use, you have access to 4 or 5 different order receipts:

  • Order confirmation

  • Order completed

  • Order cancelled

  • Order item shipped (only for Shopify stores)

  • Refund added

Order confirmation emails

This receipt is sent immediately after a customer places an order on your store. It indicates that the order has been placed by the customer. This is a good place to share information such as shipping delays.

For instance, if I visit awesomestore.com and I place an order, I will receive an order confirmation email.

Note that for WooCommerce users, this means the order is "on hold" or "processing", depending on whether the customer pays immediately.

Order completed emails

This receipt is sent when the order has been fulfilled. This means different things for different platforms.

For Shopify, it means that all items have been shipped. For WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, it means that the order status is "completed".

For instance, when awesomestore.com has sent me my order, I will receive an order completed email from them, telling me that the entire order has been shipped.

Order cancelled emails

This receipt is sent when you or your customer cancels the order. As soon as the order status switches to "cancelled", this email will be sent.

Order item shipped emails

This receipt is sent each time a line item is shipped, for Shopify stores.

For instance, if I ordered a magic wand and a broom from awesomestore.com, and the broom has shipped, I'll receive an email.

Note: This receipt is only available for Shopify users, because the "Order completed" receipt already takes care of this situation for WooCommerce users.

Refund added emails

This receipt is sent each time you add a refund to an order. It will be sent whether you add a full or a partial refund. The refund amount is accessible within the email, so you can share this information with your customer.

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