The Jilt homepage is the perfect starting point for the rest of the app. On the homepage, you'll find tutorials, tours, and easy access to the most powerful email marketing features.

Discover Jilt

The first section of the homepage lets you easily access Jilt's three most powerful features in one single click:

  • Broadcasts - to send one-time emails to all or some of your contacts

  • Automations - to automate common email flows, like welcoming new users or recovering abandoned carts

  • Transactions - to handle all order-related tasks, like receipts or refunds

Your quick-start guide

Here you'll find a 5-step checklist to get set up rapidly as well as several video tutorials.

The checklist highlights five steps that'll help you boost your email marketing:

  1. Verify your from address - complete this step by verifying at least one email address from which you wish to send emails. This is required to start sending emails in Jilt.

  2. Enter your store address - to comply with anti-spam regulations, like CAN-SPAM, you must have your store's address in your email footers.

  3. Customize your logo and brand settings - an eCommerce email without a logo is like a hotdog without condiments; not great. With Jilt, you can upload your logo, brand colors, and social media links and they'll be used in your emails.

  4. Draft your first email - create an email, test the email editor, preview your content, and send yourself a test email.

  5. Send to your audience - once you're comfortable with the look of your email and you've segmented your audience, it's time to hit send and experience the magic of email marketing.

The video tutorials in this section are meant to help you achieve these steps and more. With our videos, you'll discover how to segment an audience, craft an email that runs so smoothly you can forget about it, and grow your email list.


In the last section, you'll find quick links to our most helpful tutorials. These will help you customize your emails, grow your contact list, and segment your audience more efficiently.

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