Jilt and MailOptin have teamed up to make it easier to sync the leads you capture with MailOptin to your Jilt account.

What is MailOptin?

MailOptin is a WordPress tool designed to grow your email list. With MailOptin, you can create beautiful forms to capture your website visitors' emails.

MailOptin lets you choose from an array of options, from a notification bar, to a slide-in, to an embedded form, and more.

Each form is easily customizable. You can design the content, choose the capture fields, or define where and when the form is displayed.

Integrating MailOptin and Jilt

When MailOptin captures an email lead, it can send that lead to other platforms, such as Jilt. The contact will automatically appear in your Jilt account and you'll be able to send them emails automatically.

To sync MailOptin leads to Jilt, follow these five steps:

1. Add MailOptin to your WordPress site

Start by installing the MailOptin plugin on your WordPress site.

2. Connect Jilt with MailOptin

In the MailOptin plugin, open the Integrations setting. Next, find Jilt and click on Authorize to enable the integration. You'll be redirected to your Jilt account, where you'll be required to login and grant MailOptin access to Jilt.

That's it, Jilt is now connected to MailOptin! Time to create a form.

3. Create an Optin form

Once Jilt is connected, you can create a form to capture emails. Under the MailOptin plugin, go to Optin Campaigns.

Create a new campaign, name it, and choose a campaign type. You can then design and customize your campaign. Head to MailOptin for details and advice on form creation.

4. Integrate the campaign with Jilt

Once your form is ready, open the Integrations option in the form customizer. Select Jilt in the dropdown and select the store you want to send your contacts to.

You have the option to choose a list that your new contacts will be added to, and/or configure tags that they'll be tagged with when synced to Jilt.

5. Save changes and display your form!

Last but not least, toggle the "activate" switch at the top of the form customizer and save your changes. Your form will start displaying on your WordPress website and your leads will start syncing to Jilt!

Using MailOptin leads in Jilt

All of the contacts captured by MailOptin will have accepts_marketing = true in Jilt. This means that you can send them any type of emails.

You can set up a Jilt automation to send a welcome email to these new leads.

To segment an audience with MailOptin leads in Jilt, you can use the list or tag you set in MailOptin (as long as you only use it for these leads), or you can use our Contact signup source segmentation rule. This allows you to create a custom automation or broadcast just for these leads.

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