When you've added a row to one of your emails, you may want to switch the number of columns. Or you may decide to make one column wider than another. To do so, you'll be able to use the "Customer Columns" section inside the row properties.

Start by selecting the row you want to edit. When you select the row, the right-side panel automatically changes and shows you what properties you can edit.

Then scroll down to the "customize columns" section.

Adding a column

Clicking on + Add new will add a new column inside the row. The new column is always added to the far right, with default size 2. We'll automatically find the best resize options to adapt to the addition of a new column.

The minimum column width is 2, and rows can have a maximum of 6 columns. When the maxiumm number of columns is reached, the + Add new button disappears.

Deleting a column

A column can be removed from a row by clicking Delete in the top right of that specific column's properties. When a column is deleted, the nearest column on the left gets its width. If the deleted column is the first on the left, the right column will take the width. If there is just one column, Delete isn't visible. You can delete the row instead.

Resizing columns

Columns can be resized by dragging the divider icon in the "customize columns" section to the left or to the right. The editor will reflect the change in real-time as you resize the column.

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