From the Abandoned carts menu in Jilt, you can view abandoned and guest carts logged by Jilt for your store.

  • Abandoned carts are carts with a known email address.

  • Guest carts are carts that don't have an associated email address.

You can filter your carts by order and contact attributes. Click the Filter button and choose the type of filter you'd like to apply to the list.

For instance, if you'd like to filter your carts list to view all abandoned carts:

  1. Click Filter

  2. Select Contact details

  3. Choose the rule Contact email and use the filter has any value

  4. Click Add rule

Jilt will filter list and display all carts with an associated email address as shown below.

Can I export my carts?

Yes! Head on over to our dedicated article called How can I export abandoned carts?

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