Depending on your situation, we have two different options available when migrating to a new site (e.g. moving from staging to production) or changing domain names.

Option 1 can only be used with WooCommerce and EDD shops and the shop must must be migrating within the same platform. For example, WooCommerce <> WooCommerce or EDD <> EDD.

Option 2 must be used when migrating between eCommerce platforms (for example, WooCommerce <> Shopify or EDD <> WooCommerce).

Additionally, option 2 may be a good option, and is available, for WooCommerce or EDD sites that want to start from scratch (most often used when moving from staging to production) since report data starts fresh with this option.

Option 1: Migrate everything

In some cases, it's possible to keep your existing Jilt shop when you've changed domain names or have created an entirely new site.

To keep all your data as-is when changing domain names or converting from staging to production, please get in touch with support with the existing and new domain names or stores.

This option allows you to keep all your data, reports, history, and email templates as-is.

Option 2: Connect as a new shop

If you'd like to start with a clean slate or are moving Shopify stores, you can connect your site to Jilt as a brand new store.

This will create a new Jilt shop without any data from your old domain name or store.

Get in touch with support if you'd like any automations that you created on your staging site copied over to your new store. Reports cannot be migrated.

Additionally, we're happy to remove the staging site from your Jilt account upon request.

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