There are many reasons why archiving contacts in bulk is useful. Making sure that your list will only include "active" contacts, that have entered an automation, or ensuring that you don't go over the limit of 300 contacts for the free plan, are only a few.

There's a quick and easy way to do it by archiving all contacts that are not part of any active automation. This will allow you to only target contacts that may be considered "inactive" or aren't part of any of your promotions at the moment.

If you need a quick refresher on what are the contact statuses, you can check this help article we've created.

In order to achieve that, you'll need to:

  1. Navigate to the Contacts page in your Jilt dashboard.

  2. Click on the Filter button on the left side on the search field at the top of the page.

  3. Click on the Contact details filter rule and then on the Contact within campaigns option.

  4. Then, choose the doesn't include any of option and add the names of all your campaigns. You can use the dropdown in the right side to ensure you're not missing any of them. When you've added them all, it'll look similar to this:

5. Click on the Add rule button. Then, you can follow the same process, and choose the Contact billing status rule. Use the includes any of option and then add Active.

These two rules will filter your contacts so that only those that have a contact status of "active", and they aren't already in an automation will be included.

6. Then, you can click on the checkbox on the upper left side of the column headers. This will select all the contacts of the page you're currently seeing. If more than 25 contacts fill the criteria to be in the list, then make sure to click on the Select all X contacts that appears instead, where X will be the sum of all contacts that fill the criteria. Here's a screenshot for reference:

7. Lastly, when you have selected all contacts, click on the Actions button on the upper right corner, and then click on the Archive button.

Following these steps will allow you to ensure that all contacts that aren't currently in any of your automations will get archived and help you keep your contact list clear and optimized for the Free plan or to control your billing price tier.

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