It's important to request and store customer consent to receive marketing emails so that you are in compliance with your regional marketing regulations (see Jilt's GDPR policy (EU), or CAN-SPAM (US)). Capturing consent also helps to identify contacts that are likely to engage in your emails, which helps to promote a healthy sending reputation and improve your domain's deliverability rating.

Jilt will indicate an opted in contact with the segmentation rule: contact accepts marketing is true/false/unknown.

A contact can opt-in for marketing emails (setting the value of "Accepts Marketing" to "True") by:

  1. Signing up for mailing list using a signup form.

  2. Activating the consent checkbox while checking out.

  3. Being manually imported to Jilt via CSV import by an account administrator.

Q: Can I only send emails to opted-in contacts if I want to remain GDPR compliant?

A: No, certain emails, such as abandoned cart or post-purchase follow-up emails are sent on the basis of legitimate interest, which is the most flexible lawful basis for processing data but also the most open to interpretation. It’s important to follow our email best practices and limit your sending to only recent abandonments with a series of 3 emails. Sending dozens of emails over a long period of time after a cart abandonment would be significantly more challenging to qualify.

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