Jilt offers powerful segmentation rules that can be used to group your contacts based on their personal details or activity with your site.

However, at this time, it's not possible to save a combination of segmentation rules or to access certain segmentation rules within broadcast emails.

For example, you may want to send a broadcast to customers that have shipped products to Florida. Since Jilt associates shipping address data on the order, and not on the with the customer, the address isn't available for segmentation in a broadcast.

We can use a saved segment to work around this limitation. To set up a saved segment for the example above:

  1. Create a custom order automation.

  2. Add one email set to send really far in the future, something like 300 months. This campaign will only serve to group contacts, not to actually send an email.

  3. Add the segmentation rule Order shipping address is FL

  4. "Go live" to cause the matched orders to enter the automation.

  5. When segmenting your broadcast, apply the segmentation rule contact within campaigns includes any of and select your custom order campaign.

  6. Only contacts who are within the automation will be included in your broadcast email. Any future customers who ship products to Florida will enter the automation and be added to your segment.

Note: the downside to this workaround is it will clutter the Outbox page with scheduled emails.

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