Jilt includes a Liquid merge tag, {{ order.status_url }} which dynamically generates the link to the default account login page for your eCommerce platform.

You'll see this code in the View order status button for transactional emails, like in the order confirmation email.

For WooCommerce stores, this is the My Account page at the /my-account endpoint.

If you've customized the My Account page endpoint, then you'll need to replace the Liquid code for {{ order.status_url }} in your emails with the full URL of your unique My Account page endpoint.

Otherwise, customers will get a 404 page since your /my-account endpoint does not exist in WooCommerce.

For example, if your custom endpoint in WooCommerce for that page is /my-account-new, then you can replace the Liquid merge tag for {{ order.status_url }}

with the full URL:

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