You can check the status of your shop's connection at anytime by following the steps below:

  1. Login to Jilt.

  2. Click on the stores dropdown in the top left corner.

  3. Select View All Stores.

  4. The icon next to your shop name will indicate your shop's current status.

View all stores page - Jilt
  • A blue checkmark indicates a connected shop.

  • The black circle represents a disconnected shop.

  • An orange exclamation mark indicates a connection issue.

To resolve WooCommerce connection issues, please check out the troubleshooting article for step-by-step instructions.

On this page, you can also view the shop's platform, what shop permissions you have (are you the account owner or account manager?), enabled features (like unique discounts and cart recovery), and actions.

You can hover over the Features, Actions, and Store status icons with your mouse to learn more about what the various icons on this page mean!

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