Migration checklist

Below are the key steps to migrating your email marketing to Omnisend.

  1. Integrate your store with Omnisend

  2. Switch out Jilt's signup form

  3. Redirect any integrated subscriber forms (jump to the instructions on this page)

  4. Sync subscribers at checkout

  5. Migrate current autoresponders

  6. Import your contact lists

  7. Migrate saved email templates

  8. Export additional Jilt assets

  9. Sunset your Jilt account


If you use one of Jilt's integration partners for managing your forms you'll want to redirect the forms so they sync new contacts with Omnisend.

The following articles walk you through connecting your integrations with Omnisend:

⚠️ Note: After completing the connection to Omnisend, make sure to remove the Jilt sync on any related forms.

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