Important considerations

  • All account cancellations are final. It's not possible to reactivate your account once it's been cancelled.

  • Your account settings, store and contact data will be deleted from our system shortly after the cancellation is processed.

  • Please make sure to complete all of the necessary data exports before moving forward with your cancellation.

  • If you need time to complete the migration and don't wish to continue paying for Jilt, you can downgrade your account to our free plan. Learn more about downgrading here.

How to Cancel your account

Log in to your Jilt account and navigate to Settings > My Account > Billing. Click on the Cancel account link on the bottom right side of the page.

Choose the email platform you plan on using, then click the Continue button.

Select the Cancel Now button to confirm your cancellation and complete all modals until you see a success message.

Finally, uninstall the Jilt for WooCommerce plugin, Jilt for EDD plugin, or Shopify app from your store!

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