Now that we're syncing all new subscribers with Mailchimp it's important to ensure they'll receive a welcome email.

Enable welcome emails in Mailchimp

Mailchimp provides detailed instructions on creating a welcome email (or series) in their article Create an Automated Welcome Email.

Please note that Mailchimp recommends creating a new automation rather than importing an HTML email template.

Disable Jilt's welcome emails

Make sure to deactivate any Welcome new subscribers automations that are active in Jilt to prevent sending duplicate emails.

  1. Open the Automations list.

  2. Find the campaign in the list and click the Stop button.

3. On the Stop Campaign modal either select Keep scheduled emails or Cancel scheduled emails.

With either selection the campaign will be stopped immediately, preventing new contacts from being assigned to the automation. However, your selection will tell Jilt what it should do with any emails that have been scheduled but not yet sent.

  • Keep scheduled emails. This option is useful if Jilt has captured some new signups that weren't also synced to Mailchimp.

  • Cancel scheduled emails. Select this option if the latest signups have been synced to Mailchimp and they're eligible to receive the new Automation Welcome Email that you've activated in Mailchimp.

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