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Important considerations

Before you start migrating email templates, there are a few things to note:

  • At this time, Mailchimp has two drag-and-drop email builders that simplify email creation. They recommend rebuilding an email template with one of their builders instead of importing an HTML template.

  • HTML templates cannot be imported on the Free or Essentials account plans. You must upgrade to the Standard plan or higher.

  • HTML templates require advanced knowledge and if you're unfamiliar with the language, it's recommended that you work with a developer.

  • Jilt and Mailchimp use different merge tag syntax. Each tag must be swapped out in order to include the correct personalized details.

Export email templates


  1. Go to the Automations list.

  2. Click on the automation that contains the email(s) you wish to export.

  3. Click on the action menu (button with three dots) next to the email you'd like to export, then select Export HTML.

4. In the modal window that appears click the Start export button.

Once you've confirmed the email you'd like to export, Jilt will start preparing the ZIP file. You'll receive an email with a link to download the file, which will be available for 14 days. After which, the file is removed from our system and no longer available to download.


  1. Go to the Broadcasts list.

  2. Click on the action menu (cog icon) of the broadcast that you'd like to export.

  3. Click on Export HTML.

Then follow step 4 in the instructions for Automations.

Pro tip: You can also export the HTML template from the broadcast report page. Open the report page for a sent broadcast and click on the Export HTML button in the email banner.

Order receipts

  1. Go to the Order receipts list.

  2. Click on the order receipt that contains the email(s) you wish to export.

  3. Click on the action menu (button with three dots) next to the email you'd like to export. Then click Export HTML.

Then follow the step 4 instructions for Automations.

Exporting from the email editor

For each email type (Broadcasts, Automations, and Order receipts) you can also export the template directly from the new email editor.

While in the email editor, click on Actions > Export HTML.

How do I export an email on the old editor?

To export an email that is still on our old email editor, please follow these instructions.

Swap out merge tags

Before you import a template you'll want to replace all of the merge tags that are used by Jilt to insert personalized content, such as the contact's first name. Below is a list of the common Jilt tags and the corresponding Mailchimp tags.

Jilt tag

Mailchimp tag

{% unsubscribe %}


{{ customer.first_name }} or {{ contact.first_name }}


{{ customer.last_name }} or {{ contact.last_name }}


{{ }}


{{ }} or {{ }}


For a complete list of merge tags, please see the following resources:

For identifying and modifying merge tags in Jilt templates, please see the section Dynamic content and merge tags in our article How can I export the HTML of one of my emails?

Import an HTML template into Mailchimp

Mailchimp provides a step by step guide on importing an HTML template in their article Import a Custom HTML Template.

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