Migration checklist

Below are the key steps to migrating your email marketing to Metorik:

  1. Integrate your shop with Metorik

  2. De-activate Jilt's signup form

  3. Gathering consent with Metorik

  4. Migrate autoresponders to Metorik

  5. Import your contacts in Metorik

  6. Migrate saved email templates to Metorik

  7. Export additional Jilt assets

  8. Sunset your Jilt account

Setup your Metorik account

Metorik is an eCommerce-focused platform that gathers a plethora of useful metrics for your online store in an easy-to-use dashboard with powerful customization options. Using Metorik, you can create engagement automations for your contacts, segment your customers, and even manage other aspects of your shop like discounts and product sales.

This step-by-step guide will help you migrate from Jilt to Metorik and provide you with the needed resources to get started as soon as possible.

You can either connect a WooCommerce or Shopify store with Metorik. The process is easy and largely automated. You’ll need to:

1. Choose the platform that your shop is hosted (we used WooCommerce for this article).

2. Fill in information like your company’s name and domain.
3. Authenticate the access request from Metorik to your store by clicking on the Connect button.

4. Click Approve in the next window.

5. You then have to wait a few moments for the connection between Metorik and your store to be tested.

6. You can add some additional information if you’d like that will be used to improve your experience when using Metorik.

7. Now, it’s time to install the Metorik Helper plugin. When you’re done installing the plugin, make sure you click on the plugin installed button on the next page to start the synchronization of your customers to your Metorik account.

8. Since the sync may take some time to be completed, you can continue setting up your store while waiting.

9. You can also add extra team members if you’d like (but you can also skip this step for the time being, as well).

10. Next, you can choose if you’d like to receive a daily or weekly digest with useful information about your shop’s performance through Metorik.

11. Metorik offers a large number of integrations that you can connect to your account if you’d like. This is another optional step that you can skip if you'd like.

12. You can also enable Cart Tracking in this step, but you can set up the message after completing this setup wizard.

13. If you enable Cart Tracking, you can choose some extra information in the next step.

14. Lastly, you can enable or disable extra data to be synched in your Metorik account if you’d like.

15. And now, you’re good to go. Metorik will make sure to inform you when your customers and other data have been synched to continue working on your shop.

Step 2: Switch out Jilt's signup form

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