Migration checklist

Below are the key steps to migrating your email marketing to Metorik:

  1. Integrate your shop with Metorik

  2. De-activate Jilt's signup form

  3. Gathering consent with Metorik

  4. Migrate autoresponders to Metorik

  5. Import your contacts in Metorik

  6. Migrate saved email templates to Metorik

  7. Export additional Jilt assets

  8. Sunset your Jilt account

Does Metorik offer a signup form?

The short answer is no. The reason for that is that Metorik instead syncs all your customers directly from your shop. So, if you're considering adding a new signup form, you can do it if all new subscribers or user accounts will be marked as "customers" for the sync to proceed.

Disable Jilt's signup form

If you're using Jilt's signup form to grow your newsletter list you'll want to make sure to de-activate it before moving to Metorik.

Turn off Jilt's signup popup form

  1. From your Jilt account, go to Signup forms

  2. Remove the checkmark next to "Enable popup forms to ask customers to opt into your marketing emails or broadcasts"


The "Enable signup forms" checkbox should be empty as shown above

Remove any embedded forms

For WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads stores, you can manually add a shortcode to embed a signup form. It should be removed from any pages, widgets, or blocks on your store.

The basic shortcode appears as the following:


It's possible to also use a built-in Jilt form widget, which we recommend you remove. More details can be found here on working with Jilt's forms.

Next Step

Continue to Step 3: Sync subscribers at checkout

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