Migration checklist

Below are the key steps to migrating your email marketing to Metorik:

  1. Integrate your shop with Metorik

  2. De-activate Jilt's signup form

  3. Gathering consent with Metorik

  4. Migrate autoresponders to Metorik

  5. Import your contacts in Metorik

  6. Migrate saved email templates to Metorik

  7. Export additional Jilt assets

  8. Sunset your Jilt account

Gathering consent using Metorik

Metorik allows you to track your customers' cart and reach out to users that have abandoned them before finalizing their order.

It isn't possible to collect contacts for a newsletter with Metorik by default, but you can find out how to disable the checkout sync of email addresses with Jilt and how to ensure that your store remains compliant while using Metorik.

And like Jilt, all contacts that add their email address to your checkout page are saved to your dashboard so you can reach out to them if you'd like. Let's find out how to do that:

Disable Jilt's checkout sync

WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads stores

For WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads stores, the relevant settings can be found in Jilt under Settings > Shop settings > Storefront settings. Remove the checkmark next to the following:

  • "Ask for customer's email when an item is added to cart"

  • "Inform customers when entering their email address that their email and cart data are saved to send abandonment remdiners."

  • "Show an opt in at checkout to ask for consent for marketing emails."

Disable the highlighted features on WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads

Shopify stores

For Shopify stores it's not necessary to make any changes in Jilt as Shopify has a built-in feature for capturing consent via their checkout page.

Enable Metorik's email usage notice and getting consent before storing cookies.

Metorik has a great guide on how you can enable the email usage notice for your shop as well as how to ensure that no cookie from Metorik is saved before you receive consent from a customer. This guide is mainly focused on WooCommerce:

WooCommerce: Cart Tracking Consent and GDPR

Next step

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