Exporting data from the Automation Performance page of Jilt isn't natively possible, however, with the help of a browser extension called Table Capture you can easily export the information you need.

Note: At the moment, Table Capture is available to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

In order to get started, make sure you've installed the extension in your preferred browser. After installing it, you'll also get redirected to a page with more information on how to use it for all sites that you may be interested in.

Below, you'll find steps on how to use Google Chrome to export the table data from Jilt:

  1. Install the extension in Chrome.

  2. In your Jilt dashboard, go to Automation Performance in the left menu.

  3. Choose the report to export from the dropdown.

  4. Select the date range to export in the upper right corner of the Jilt report.

  5. Highlight the text of one of the cells from the table you'd like to export.

  6. Right click on so that the options menu appears.

    1. You'll notice the option "Table Capture - Launch workshop for selection." You can click on it to start the editor.

      Highlight the text of the table you want to export and right-click.

  7. The extension will automatically track the number of rows and columns in the table and focus on them.

  8. In the editor, you can either:

    1. Click on the 1st highlighted button to copy the contents of the table directly to your clipboard.

    2. Use the 2nd highlighted button to edit the table before you copy it.

      1. The extension will automatically choose all the rows and columns of the table

        For the 1st option, kindly note that it's possible that an extra column or row is added that could skew the information when you paste the information to a sheet editor like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

        For the 2nd option, you can choose columns or rows to delete to ensure that the format of the data will be exported exactly as you'd like.

        Click on any row or column to delete them.

  9. Copy and paste all the data to your favorite spreadsheet program!

  10. Modify the data as needed.

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