Important considerations

  • Make sure to export all email templates you wish to use in Recapture. We have a guide on exporting the HTML templates here. For exporting from our old email editor, please follow these instructions.

  • Once you've completed the exports you can import them into Recapture in any order you like.

Import email campaigns

Recapture will handle the images exported and referenced in Jilt, pull them into their CDN. This ensures that once Jilt shuts down, your campaigns will run without any broken images or links.

Start by clicking the Jilt campaign import option:

You can either drop the exported email campaign ZIP file on the dotted box, or click the dotted box above to select it from your local machine. The latter will open your file explorer. Here's an example on a Mac:

Click the name of the template and then click Open.

Next, you need to confirm the name and email subject of the campaign, as well as select the timing of the campaign:

If you're not sure about the timing, you can edit it later.

Once you have everything configured above, click Import Campaign and let Recapture finish the setup for that campaign.

You can continue importing other campaigns. Check your work on the campaign you just imported, to ensure it's correct, or move on to the main Recapture account screen:

Keep importing all previous campaigns until you're done. Once complete, select Finished! Go to my account.

Additional resources

Recapture also provides step-by-step instructions in their Jilt migration article here.

Next step

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