There are a few final steps to complete the migration to Recapture.

Jilt Cart data

Recapture will automatically load all of your active and recent carts from your store immediately on install. This data is synced directly from your store and it allows Recapture to take the data from the original, most reliable source. Your Jilt cart data is just another version of this, so you won't need to use that for import at this time.

Import your Contacts from Jilt

Recapture is currently working on the contact import (as of June 21) and they'll have that active very soon. Once they do, you can refer to the steps in their migration article here on how to import those contacts as well. For now, export the contacts from your Jilt account and keep the file in a safe place until they're ready for it.

NOTE: This step isn't required to complete your abandoned cart migration. You can revisit it at any time.

Confirm Recapture is receiving traffic from your store

Visit their Live Cart Feed here: and make sure that you see activity in your Active column. Add something to a cart on your store, then refresh the Live Cart Feed in another tab and confirm that you see the new cart. If all of that is working, you're ready to enable Recapture!

Disable your Jilt campaigns

Go to your Jilt dashboard and shut down your existing campaigns for abandoned carts. You don't want to double-email your customers during the transition.

Enable your Recapture campaigns

Follow the steps in this article about activating your migrated campaigns from Jilt. Within 24 hours, you should see stats in your Recapture reports and dashboard.

Next steps

Once complete, continue to Step 7: Export additional Jilt assets.

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