Jilt can automatically create Unique Discount codes and include them in your emails. These discounts will automatically be generated using a unique code.

Here are a few things to know about generated discounts:

  • Unique coupon codes are synced with your store automatically! These codes are pushed to your store as emails are sent, so they will always be present when a customer receives an email. 

  • If for some reason we can't create a discount (for example, if your store is temporarily unavailable), Jilt will hold this email so your customer doesn't receive an email with an invalid code.

  • Discount codes are automatically applied to customer carts when a customer follows a recovery link in your email automations — they don't even need to enter the code manually!

  • Unique discounts are created as emails are sent. This means that they won't appear in your store before the email is sent, nor will they be created for test emails. If you'd like to test discount creation, please create a test cart to receive a real email.

  • For coupons generated by Jilt in WooCommerce, expired and unused coupons are automatically deleted twice daily.

Ready to create your own dynamically generated discount codes? See our guide to creating unique discounts.

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