We know that many merchants use multiple shops or sub-domains to sell their products, so you only need one Jilt account to support these shops! You can add each shop domain within your Jilt account, and can manage campaigns for these shops independently from one another.

How to add a new shop to a Jilt account

1. Click the arrow in the upper-left hand corner of your to show a drop-down menu and choose +Add a Store

2. Follow the appropriate steps depending on your e-commerce platform

3. Once your shop is added, you can toggle between shops in the Jilt admin using that dropdown in the upper left hand corner.

How does adding a shop affect billing?

Jilt's pricing is based on the number of active contacts across all of the shops that are connected to your account. Adding a shop will add additional contacts to your account. How many contacts are added will depend on the number of contacts that are synced from that shop.

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