Jilt uses a templating language called Liquid to display dynamic content in your email body. Dynamic content is content that can change depending on the customer details or order details related to that session.

For example, the greeting line of many Jilt default emails will show Hey {{ contact.first_name | default: 'there' }}, in the email editor.

Here's how that will appear in a live email if the customer has provided the first name of "Ryan":

Hey Ryan,

 And if no first name is provided, the default value of "there" will be shown:

Hey there,

How do I see what my email looks like with actual content applied?

To see your email with dynamic content replaced with real content, click Actions > Preview

ℹ️ Want to read more about using Liquid in your email templates? Check out What is Liquid? And why is it magic?

ℹ️ Looking for a complete guide on what Liquid tags are available? See our full liquid resource here.

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