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Jilt will start to track all carts and orders in your store once your store has been connected. You can find lists of carts and orders under the "Carts" and "Orders" menus. 

Carts vs orders

Both carts and orders can be abandoned.

  • A cart is abandoned when a customer has added items to the cart, but has not completed the purchase by placing an order.

  • An order is abandoned when the customer has "placed" the order (by clicking "Place order" or completing checkout), but has not submitted a payment. This often happens if customers leave your site to pay for an order, such as being directed to PayPal to complete purchase.

Jilt will send recovery emails to both abandoned carts and orders.

Cart and order states

There are several possible states for cart or order in Jilt.

  • pending: A pending cart is one that has been created, but has no known email address. These carts are listed as "guest" carts until Jilt can identify the shopper by capturing an email address.

  • live: A live cart is one that is currently being updated by the customer. A cart converts from "live" to "abandoned" once it has been idle for 15 minutes.

  • abandoned: A cart or order is abandoned once it has been idle for 15 minutes or more. At this point, it is considered "abandoned", and will enter your recovery campaign(s).

  • recovered: A cart or order is marked as recovered if a customer completes the purchase after a Jilt recovery email is sent. A recovered order will be tied to the order within your store, using the order number as the order name in Jilt.

  • placed: An order is marked "placed" if the purchase has been completed before any recovery email has been sent to the customer associated with that order.

You can view an order record for more details about the order, such as what line items where included in the order or what emails were sent about it. Click on the order name from the "orders" list to view more details about the order.

Filter the carts and orders lists

You can filter the cart or orders list by using the filtering tools at the top of the orders list. You can use any of the segmentation rules available in Jilt.

Click the Filter button to select rules you'd like to apply to this list:

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